If you wish to make a hotel room/apartment reservation on your own, please use any of the booking portals, like:
- etc.
or any other you find useful. Remember that hotels do not reserve all rooms through these portals, so it always pays to check the hotel website directly. If you will not come alone - it is less expensive to rent a flat than to rent a room at a hotel. Do not hesitate to rent a room/apartment further away from the historic center/venue. Kraków is not a big city, and local transport (trams, buses) is reliable, cheap and easy to use. You can also use city-bikes. Alternatively, you can rent a room outside Kraków (e.g. in the historic Wieliczka town), from where you can get easily to the center by train (20 min) or buses (30-40 min). We can provide you with all the details needed and instructions, just let us know on your choice.

We will be delighted to help you with finding a room/apartment, some nice and affordable place - if you need any assistance, please contact us by e-mail: or

Remember, that prices are much lower now than during the summer touristic season, so late reservation is expensive. Moreover, later it would be more difficult to find a good location.

Here are web sites of the hotels which are up to 5 min to the venue:
-> -

Apartments in Kraków:

Location overview:

15 min walk
Campus of the Kraków University of Technology is close to the historical center and the map below shows you the location of hotels, hostels and apartments for rent, which are the closest to the venue:

30 min walk
If you want to find some other place, more distant but e.g. in historical centre of the Kraków or the Kazimierz Town then the distance is ca 30-40 min of walk or you should use public transport (trams, buses) or taxi. Here you can see the location of the hotels:

Student hostels
If you search for very low price and good offer, than please contact us, and we will reserve a place for you in student hostels in the University old campus, which is 45 min walk from the venue and old town (10-15 min by trams, buses or taxi). However, bear in mind that these hostels are located outside the historic areas.